Screening for Sleep Apnea

The following questions should guide clinical suspicion:

1. Snoring

a)  Do you snore on most nights (more than 3 times/week)?

Yes (2 points)       No (0 points)

b)   Is your snoring loud (can it be heard through a door or wall)?

Yes (2 points)       No (0 points)

2. Has it ever been reported to you that you stop breathing or gasp during sleep?

Never (0 points)           Occasionally (3 points) Frequently (5 points)

3. What is your collar size?

Male: less than 17 inches  or 432mm (0 points)           17 inches or greater (5 points)

Female: less than 16 inches or 406mm  (0 points)       16 inches or greater (5 points)

4. Have you had, or are you currently being treated for high blood pressure?

a) Yes (2 points)           No (0 points)

5. Do you occasionally doze or fall asleep during the day?

a) You are not busy or active?

Yes (2 points)         No (0 points)

b) You are driving or stopped at a traffic light?

Yes (2 points)  No (0 points)


9 Points or More:  See a sleep specialist and/or get a sleep study

6-8 Points: Grey area- unclear of there is apnea, speak with your physician

5 Points or Less: Low probability or sleep apnea

For more information,  visit our sleep apnea section.

Quiz Developed by David White MD, Boston ,MA 1998

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